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Dad Gifts From the Heart

Father's Day is coming. It's a fantastic time; summer on the horizon, BBQ blazing around the neighborhood and a whole day set aside to have fun with our dads. Only one slight dilemma- "What can we get dad for a gift?" If the dads in your life are anything like the ones in mine, they do not need another tie, tool, T-shirt or tech gadget that ends up tossed in a drawer. Instead of buying dad another gift why not make him something meaningful and make some memories working together.

We put together a list of some kid-friendly ideas. You can work together or the list includes some Father’s Day gifts that your kids can make themselves. Even older kids can have lots of fun making simple gifts for their dad and what better way to show your father that you honor him than by working together to create something just for him. Something that comes from the heart.

This idea is so cute. And you could take the same concept and make a card for your dad if you don't have the way to get a mug. And it will be so much fun to try to explain to your dad why you need him to dip his finger in paint and give him your fingerprint.

This cute craft made me laugh out loud. And painting on your hands is loads of fun. The only trouble may be trying to keep your kids from smearing the paint all over each other :-0

At MomSquad, we believe that Moms RockThe World. Well if Moms Rock then certainly Dads must Rock as well. You could even invite dad to come outside with you and help you pick out the rocks. Then you would be giving him your time and your talents. That makes this "My Dad Rocks" frame the perfect Father's Day gift for MomSquad families.

Every dad needs a place to store his keys, wallet, Chapstick, credit card, and coins. These little hand print bowls are adorable. And if your teenagers want to get involved you could make a handprint bowl big enough to hold the remote for the TV. I don't know about you but in our house the remote is constantly missing.

As we were scouring through the Internet looking for Father's Day crafts my nine-year-old surprised me by saying, "Oh, that's so cute!" I don't know why I was surprised because like all my other kids he truly is "hooked" on his dad.

We don't need to pound he idea home but it is time to look for Father's Day gifts. This requires a little more skill if you use a wood-burning tool but you could also just use a sharpie or acrylic paint to personalize a hammer for daddy

Fantastic Father

Daring Dad

Peerless Pop

Peachy Papa


Whatever word you used to describe you are father this scrabble picture frame will express your feelings with flair.

Filling a tie with your dad's favorite candy will be a fun and yummy treat. The only thing to watch out for will be making sure mommies keep their hands off of daddy's present before June 18.

This is a truly personalized gift. And even a little list of kids will have so much fun tracing their own picture. It will be fun to go to old photo albums and choose the photo of themselves that they want to trace.

These cute painted stones for dad or "dad's rocks" as we like to call them, are the perfect way to remind your dad of all his greatest attributes. The only trouble I can see is you may have too many virtues to pick from.

I still remember my dad running alongside me in the alley behind our house in Southern California. I was 4 1/2 and on my way to kindergarten and he was determined that I would learn to ride my bike before I went to school. This cute craft reminds dad of all the ways he has blessed your life.

Of course the best gift of all any dad is a handwritten note from one of his kiddos. If that hand note happens to come on a specialized Father's Day tie, even better.

This helpful booklet is filled with prompts that help think of the things we would love to tell our dads. Youngsters can fill out just a word or two while your older kids can write fill in sentences and stories.

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