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Days Worth Celebrating


Natalie Lynch

Okay… July is in full swing. One week down and we’ve had some very noteworthy days of celebration. Even with Independence Day and National Chocolate Day (7th) in the rearview mirror there are still plenty of fun days ahead. (Also, I don’t need a note on my calendar to celebrate chocolate.)

Fun days yet to come:

First, did you know July is pickle month? If you have never, I highly recommend trying a peanut butter and pickle sandwich. Toast some white bread, spread on some creamy peanut butter, and add a layer of dill pickle chips. Sounds weird (I was skeptical too) but goodness it was amazing!

11th Pet Photo Day: Do we really need an excuse to have a photo shoot with our furry loved ones?

14th National Mac and Cheese Day: Keep it simple or hunt down a new recipe. Maybe Mac N’ Cheeseballs will be a new family favorite. Tasty has compiled 25 unique recipes for you to try out.

17th (3rd Sunday) National Ice Cream Day: Okay, hear me out on this. First, you scream. Then I’ll scream. THEN we’ll all scream for ice cream.

20th National Moon Day: Celebration of the day man first walked on the moon July 20, 1969. Dust off the telescope get outside and say hello to the man in the moon. Too much light pollution? Pop some corn, snuggle up, and enjoy some amazing movies about the moon. Apollo 13, The Right Stuff, Hidden Figures… Despicable Me.

23rd Gorgeous Grandma Day: Give grandma an excuse to get dolled-up for the day (take her out for lunch or treat her to a home cooked meal) or just call her up and remind her she is beautiful inside and out.

23rd National Day of the Cowboy: Put on some boots and a wide brimmed hat and celebrate the hard-working men and women who tamed the west. The poem says, “So God made a farmer.” But it could just as easily be written So God made a cowboy. (And I would still cry every time I heard it)

24th (forth Sunday) National Parents Day: Treat yourself today. You’re pretty awesome and you deserve that extra whip and chocolate drizzle on your Frappuccino today.

30th National Father-in-Law Day: Call the man up. Show him some love. But whatever you do, don’t forget Mother-in-laws Day (October 25th) when it rolls around.

Need more excuses/days to celebrate Check out National Day Calendar for more ideas.


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