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Days Worth Celebrating: February

by Natalie Lynch

February is here, and I can almost smell the spring flowers. Wishful thinking? Mayhaps, but I, for one, am looking forward to warmer days. Since we can't just skip February and jump straight to Spring, let's take advantage of some interesting days in the shortest month of the year. Of course, it's fun to celebrate Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, and Presidents Day, but here are a few more you may not be aware of.

1st National Freedom Day and the first day of Black History Month. Freedom Day celebrates the signing of the 13th Amendment by President Lincoln, leading to the abolishment of slavery.

2nd Yes, it is Groundhog Day, but don’t let that overshadow National Tater Tot Day. Tarter tots are possibly the most fun preparation of the very versatile potato. Grab a bag from the freezer section and make a yummy snack or take it up a notch and try one of these fun recipes.

6th National Chopsticks Day: I will jump at any excuse to have sushi, but I do understand raw fish isn't for everyone. I've come up with a solution for your picky eaters. Hot Dog Sushi. This is a super silly recipe and pretty dang tasty too. I made this as a joke early in the pandemic (when all the sushi restaurants were closed), and it was an extremely entertaining evening for all involved. And yes, we used chopsticks.

7th National Send a Card to a Friend Day: This one warms my heart, even if it is the definition of a "Hallmark Holiday." Whether it's store-bought, handmade, or digital, sending a card to a friend can brighten the day of both the giver and the sender. I see no downside.

8th National Kite Flying Day:

When you send it flyin' up there,

All at once you're lighter than air,

You can dance on the breeze,

Over houses and trees,

With your first holding tight,

To the string of your kite.

There is something fascinating about flying a kite. Defying gravity seems like magic, but it's just good old-fashioned science. If you missed your chance to celebrate International Kite Day (January 14th) here's your second chance.

12th Even if sports aren't your thing, a Superbowl party is always a good time. Growing up, I remember fondly gathering at my grandmother's house to watch The Big Game each year. Food, Family, and Competition! BUT if you reeeeeeaaaaalllllly don't care for football, gather the family and watch the Puppy Bowl. Add some tail-gating (pun intended) snacks and create some great memories.

14th Valentine's Day: Say I love you by setting up a craft day with your little ones. Don't worry; I've already found an extensive list of potential activities. Peruse this Pinboard, and I'm sure you can find a few ideas your family will be tickled pink to make together.

18th I'd feel as if I were being negligent in my National Holidays Reporting duties if I didn't inform you that today is National Drink Wine Day. Just the facts.

23rd National Dog Biscuit Day: For all of you dog lovers out there, why not make some homemade dog treats for your furry friend? There are many recipes out there… however I'm picking this one because they also have a homemade cat treat recipe… so no one feels left out.

26th National Tell a Fairy Tale Day: Let the young ones pick their favorite fairy tale off the bookshelf or help them write their own to celebrate the day. Fairy Tales aren't just entertaining; they also teach children the importance of kindness and having a good moral compass. Stories of Good versus Evil dressed up in fantastical worlds with Princesses, Ogres, Witches, and Magic.

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