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Days Worth Celebrating: October

What do we want? Fall? When do we want it? Now!

It's that time of year again—the most spookiest, coziest, pumpkin-spiciest season of all. Columbus Day and Halloween are marked on every store-bought calendar, but what else does October have to offer?

3rd- "On October 3rd, he asked what day it was." Today is Mean Girls Day. No, it's not a free pass to be mean to each other; it's a day fans celebrate the iconic movie Mean Girls. Unfortunately, today is not a Wednesday, but you still wear your prettiest pink outfit and introduce the kiddos to a movie that teaches the value of being a good person while cracking them up.

Side note: Today is also the love of my life's birthday! Happy Birthday, Justin!

4th- National Cinnamon Bun Day- Any excuse for that gooey goodness! Nothing is better than homemade cinnamon rolls. Those are just the facts. Whether it's a premixed batch or if you start from scratch, it's a fun and easy way to get the kids involved in the kitchen.

6th- National Coaches Day- Coaches, like teachers, can make a significant impact on a child's life. Help your kid say 'thank you' to a special coach in their life with a homemade card or just an extra high five. Give 'em the old "Atta Boy" or the newer "Atta Girl."

8th- Do your kids like a good "scary" story? Today is R.L. Stine's Birthday, author of the classic Goosebumps and Fear Street books. Goosebumps was the series that sparked my love of reading. At an age when I thought reading was boring, I was introduced to these twisted but age-appropriate books, and I was immediately hooked. The books were so popular they have been made into a TV series, video games, and feature films. Maybe it's just what your child needs to turn them into an avid reader, too.

10th- National Walk to a Park Day- The weather is changing; take advantage of the sunshine before it gets too cold to enjoy your local park. Since not everyone is lucky enough to live within walking distance of a park, we will allow cheating. You can drive to and then Walk IN a Park instead. It's your Tuesday… there are no rules.

14th- Annual Solar Eclipse - Order your Eclipse glasses now to be sure you get the best viewing experience of this awe-inspiring feat of nature. This solar eclipse will be partially viewable from all of North America (Sorry, East Coast, you'll only get a 10-20% eclipse). The "ring of fire" path cuts across the US from Oregon, passing through the Four Corners and down through Texas. Observers in that zone will experience a total eclipse for almost 5 minutes. Learn more here from the experts.

22nd- National Make a Dog's Day - We love our furry friend and show it daily with cuddles and snacks. Today, ask your young ones. "what's something special we can do for our four-legged friend?" Is it a special walk in the park? Playing fetch? Taking them out for a pup cup? Put your child in charge of making your dog's day special, and see what they come up with.

P.S. It is National Cat Day on the 29th if your furry friend meows instead of barks

28th- National Mother-in-Law Day (Fourth Sunday in October) - Mother-in-Law jokes are always funny, but shout out to all the Mothers who welcomed us in like we were their own!

31st- National Magic Day – you may be too busy with Halloween plans today, but if you have the time, I found a series of videos dedicated to teaching magic tricks to kids. Help your child learn a few tricks to amaze their friends or even learn a few yourself and be the life of the next party.

Not enough for you? Check out last year's October article for more ideas for family fun!

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