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Days Worth Celebrating: September

We all know September means Labor Day. Celebrated on the first Monday of the month, falling on the 5th this year. It originated on September 5th, 1882, when 10,000 workers in New York took to the streets protesting work conditions, marching from City Hall to Union Square in what was the first Labor Day parade in U.S. history. Today we take the day off work, bust out the grill and get some sweet deals at Lowe

s. But what else is celebration-worthy in September??

1st National Chicken Boy’s Day: A large fiberglass landmark in Los Angeles, visiting Chicken Boy might not be in the cards for out-of-towners. However, I encourage everyone to find the unusual landmarks that live in a neighborhood near you. Check out the site Atlas Obscura and discover what oddities lurk in your own neck of the woods.

3rd International Bacon Day: Might I humbly suggest a bacon party? Bacon for breakfast, BLT for lunch, Bacon wrapped ANYTHING for dinner, and crumble some bacon over vanilla ice cream (with a caramel drizzle) for dessert.

4th National Wildlife Day: We don’t need to go out into the woods to appreciate the wildlife surrounding us. We can simply take a walk and point out the critters that live among us every day. From the birds in the sky to the tiny bugs on the ground, wildlife is everywhere. Or, if you like to keep your distance from nature, YouTube has full episodes of Our Planet available for viewing from the comfort of your couch.

5th Yes, this September Monday is Labor Day, but it’s also National Cheese Pizza Day, which is certainly worth mentioning.

6th is National Read a Book Day: Pffff. You know what to do.

11th Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance: September 11th is definitely a day to remember, and finding a way to memorialize the occasion can be as easy as flipping to the news. However, today is also National Grandparent’s Day, and that’s a worthwhile celebration indeed.

13th National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day: Let the kids pick the menu and take the reins in the kitchen today. It could be an amazing day to teach a family recipe or bond while making a dessert. If your young ones are old enough (and bold enough) let them take the wheel. If you have very little ones, have no fear, today is also National Ants on a Log Day, a simple tasty snack any tiny chef can master.

19th Talk Like a Pirate Day: (Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A pirates life for me!) Arr Matey! Today be the day for scallywag silliness. Ye best be usin’ the jargon of the sea, or be prepared to walk the plank, for we don’t take kindly to land lovers in these waters. Don yer best captain garb n hoist the flag for today we are all pirates!!

22nd Hobbit Day: Yes, Hobbits. (“sneaky little Hobbitses”) Part of Tolkien week, Hobbit Day is a celebration of all things Lord of the Ring and an amazing excuse to watch alllllllll the movies. Or, if you’re really adventurous- the 1977 cartoon.

“I think I’m quite ready for another adventure” -Bilbo

24th Jim Henson Birthday: While not a national holiday yet, celebrating the man who brought us the Muppets and Dark Crystal seems like a no-brainer to me. Pick your favorite and pop some corn. Evening made.

25th Today might be National Quesadilla Day, but it is also my mother’s birthday, and one of those is more important to me. Happy Birthday, Mom!!

27th National Chocolate Milk Day: Is there anything more wholesome than sharing a glass of chocolate milk with your child (no matter their age)? BUT don’t forget the straws! The only thing that makes chocolate milk taste better is blowing bubbles into it.

28th National Good Neighbor Day: Maybe it’s just a friendly wave hello, or maybe it’s a plate of homemade cookies. Whatever being a “good neighbor” means to you, it’s an excuse to bring a smile to your neighbor’s face.

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