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Knowing Who Represents you in a Representative Government

"There's an app for that!"

In our hypertech world, there seems to be an app for just about everything from count-downs to menstrual cycle trackers to budget-planning to- well, you name it!

The answer is no different to the question of how can I, with little effort, find out who my state government representatives are? And more importantly, how can I contact them easily when I want them to know how I, as their constituent, would like to be represented? There's a brand new new app called Amplify USA available in your app store.

This app is simple and starts out by helping you quickly identify your State Reps at all levels by entering in your Zip code or Address. Once your representatives have been identified and selected, you are able to click on their picture to quickly contact them about any issues. There are also alerts from your representatives as well as a place to take personal notes. You should soon also able to access custom ratings, resources and notifications by subscribing to locally informed groups. Check it out!

(Click the picture for more information)

There's great potential for this app if it can be fully functional and expand to include all 50 states. Part of this will be convincing local politically active groups to subscribe. Knowing who represents you is an imperative part of our Democratic Republic, and Amplify could be the future of staying in-the-know. Amplify also provides the following tips on contacting and effectively communicating with your elected officials linked below:

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