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MomSquad Officially Launching

Ladies, we have great news!

The former Utah Mom Tribe has been re-imagined as MomSquad.

We’re officially launching this new community in August, but we’re giving our past members (and VIP’s) a sneak peek with a special soft launch event on July 7th.

Registration for this exciting event is free but seating is limited, so reserve your spot now by clicking on the button below -

Moms have unlimited power for good, and MomSquad exists to connect you to your power and to each other at live and virtual interactive events.

MomSquad empowers you with the knowledge you need and the skills you require to get what you want from your lives by sharing expert (mom-specific) resources, information, and services. You then have the ability to share those new tools and resources with your children in a productive and meaningful way.

Finally, MomSquad mobilizes you in joining together to create a world, and a future, you want for yourself and for your family.

MomSquad doesn't possess or supply the answers for you, but we believe that by gathering moms together and allowing them to help and mentor each other, you will eventually find the answers you need to elevate your life, improve your family and transform your communities.

The past couple of years have been divisive and isolating, but something wonderful has come out of the experience: Mothers realized that institutions, corporations and government entities are vying to replace your vital role - but they can’t.

No organization can replace a mother and no mission is more important to MomSquad than supporting you. The ultimate truth is simple, mothers create stable families and stable families create stable societies.

Welcome to MomSquad.

Additional Notes -

What’s the same?

  • MomSquad has partnered with TribeHouse to bring you their revolutionary approach to facilitated connecting events and TribeCity engagement platform. Many live events will be held at the beautiful TribeHouse venue in Pleasant Grove.

  • There is still a free MomSquad membership level that includes access to the online forums, articles and auction.

What's new?

Free Membership:

  • We’ve added a MomSquad podcast and a brand new store also available with the free level membership.

  • In addition, all members are invited to our free quarterly MomEscapes, such as our Splash Summit event coming up in August (stay tuned for more information on that).

  • Individual tickets to all live and virtual connecting events will be available for purchase a la carte to free-level members.

Paid Membership:

We are now excited to offer two paid MomSquad membership subscription levels.

  • Live AND virtual events may be enjoyed by purchasing the MomLive subscription.

  • Virtual connecting events may be enjoyed with the MomVirtual subscription.

We have worked hard to ensure that the pricing for these subscriptions is fair and affordable, and we absolutely know that you will receive the value for which you are paying.

Again, the soft launch event on July 7th is FREE but you must register to attend by clicking the link below -

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