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No Costume Required

Use orange, Black and White facepaints and a thin brush to create a cute tiger

Every year, Halloween seems to catch me off guard. It seems like school just starts, resulting in changing schedules, various carpools and activities. The moment I begin to get used to the new routines, September has already flown by and the kids start talking about Halloween costumes.

While I have my standard go-to witch hat and black outfit, my kids have new interests for costume ideas every year. Plus, when they were younger, they were ever growing into bigger sizes. Hand-me-down costumes worked for a little while when they were toddlers, but soon they had very specific requests for how they want to dress up.

With my husband new in his career at the time, stretched finances were also a factor with our young family, so figuring out costumes for 5 + could cause a bit of stress.

Some simple facepaint and makeup is a fun and creative way to dress up with no costume required!

There's a good chance you already have much of what you'll need. Add to that a few simple basics, and you can create many fun characters for both yourself and the kids, no matter their age:

1) Black and Brown Eyeliner

2) Dark Eyeshadows- blacks, navys, dark greens, dark browns and reds

2) Dark Mascara

2) Light base & powder

3) Red Lipstick

4) Black, White, Red, Yellow and Blue Facepaint

The Skeleton

1) Start with a light-colored base then cover entire face and lips with light/white powder

2) Use dark eyeshadow over and under the eyes covering the hollow, and dark circle marks under the eye

3) Apply reddish-browns toward brows and beyond dark shadows

4) Use black eyeliner to shape brows and add lines up onto the forehead

5) Use Black eyeliner to draw threaded mouth

Chic Puppy

1) Apply light base and ligh/white powder over face

2) Use red lipstick or facepaint from lips curved up through the center of the eyes and up to the forehead.

3) Black Eyeliner shapes the brows, accentuates the eyes, thicker underneath, and accents the nose and lips.

4) Finish off with liberal coat of mascara


1) Coat face with light base or white paint

2) Use black paint to cover desired areas for fun designs.

Happy Puppy

1) Start with a basic outline with white base or paint

2) Orange (mix red & yellow to get the shade you like) paint surrounds the eyes and one side of the nose, covering and extending beyond the brows

3) Red paint makes a tongue shape starting at the top lip and extending past the side of the bottom lip

4) Black paint creates the lines along the forehead, through the eyes, curving around the cheeks, the nose tip, under the nose and whisker dots, and outlining the tongue

Blue Leopard

1) Mix White and Blue Paint in differing shades, covering entire face, blending into darkest shade on edges.

2) After blue is dry, use white paint to make whiskers and spots

3) Use black paint to outline spots, whisp the brows, surround the eyes, tip the nose and accentuate the mouth.

Funny Bunny

1) White ears are a simple heart-shape on the forehead, lines across the bridge of the nose and teeth extending below the lips

2) Mix White and red paints to get the perfect shade of pink for ear centers

3) Red paint dots to freckle the ears

4) Black paint or eyeliner accents the ears, nose lines, tips the nose, makes whisker dots and lines, and outlines the teeth

If you need a more ideas or a little more guidance, video tutorials may be more up your alley.

Check out these video tutorials from

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