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Serve and Save the World

As moms, our calling is to nurture. We inherently aspire to build families of love, goodness, happiness and peace; a sanctuary from the world’s troubles. When we sense danger outside our door the hair on our “momma bear” neck stands up and we instinctively protect our kids. But we can’t let our fear of what is happening outside our walls lead us to neglect the world around us.

We do our kids a great disservice if we completely seal our doors and shy away from tribulation. At some point our children will have to step out of that door. It is our job to both prepare them for the world and prepare the world for them.

Our children will be keepers of tomorrow. It is a mom’s duty to teach them to cherish the world. This earth was created for families. We must care for the earth and be wise stewards. We must love our neighbors. We must serve. It is our privilege and divine responsibility to forge the world we want our children to inherit.

The task is daunting. Moms must nurture their kids and nurture the world, but we are uniquely equipped to do both. We can show our children how to shape the world. A woman's place is in the home AND in the world. Families need good moms. The world needs good moms.

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