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Serve, Evolve, Flourish

Is you life jam-packed? What am I asking - you’re a mom - of course you life is jam-packed. You take care of the kids, the house, perhaps a job or the finances. Your to-do list leaves little time for anything outside of family. Many of your past pursuits, hobbies and dreams were laid aside as kids took center stage. Those kids are the stars of your heart but you still need to keep in touch with the inner you.

The hum of daily life is not always the ideal place to practice skills, develop talents, discover aptitudes and pursue dreams. By volunteering moms can set an example for the family AND build up her skills and self esteem. Do you want to work on your budgeting and money management skills? Offer to be the treasurer of the PTA. Use your natural aptitude for design by volunteering to make the flyers and programs for the dance recital. Improve you leadership skills by becoming the team captain of a 5k walk for charity.

Moms can also use their time volunteering to go after dreams and desires they have put aside. “I always wanted to…__________ (fill in the blank).” If you always wanted to be the next Taylor Swift, volunteer with the local choir. Was painting or sculpting a life-long dream? Become a docent at a local museum. Has it been a dream to run a marathon one day? Find out when the next marathon will be held in your area and get an inside look by handing

out water along the way.

Some moms worry about getting back into the workforce after having or while raising kids. Whether you are a working mom looking at a career change or a stay-at-home momma, volunteering gives you the opportunity to practice important skills used in the workplace, such as teamwork, communication, problem-solving, project planning, task management, and organization. You can “try out” career paths or gain experience in a new field without making a real or long-term commitment. Your everyday life may not call on you to stretch these wings but volunteering gives you the opportunity to use and develop your valuable skills in a way that can be beneficial to both you and the organization you’re volunteering for. Every mom can use volunteering as a way to serve her community, set and example for her kids and build skills and talents.

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