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The Element of Fun

One of the greatest self-care hacks I've found is to add that element of fun right into

the otherwise difficult and mundane tasks that, as a mother, I face daily.

In life, we all have to take our medicine, so to speak. In other words, we each have to swallow the hard stuff of life- the work, the tasks, the mundane, the setbacks, the sorrow. Mary Poppins taught us this simple yet profound principle- that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down- in the most delightful way! One of the greatest self-care hacks I've found is to add that element of fun into the otherwise difficult and mundane tasks that, as a mother, I face daily.

Of course, the ultimate goal with self care is to take a true respite from the daily dose- dropping everything and focusing on that sweet, delightful experience. Reality often is, however, that I have a full list of tasks or commitments in a day- several doses of medicine, and yet I'm thankful that my commitment to daily self-care is such that I can still intentionally and creatively find a way to mix in that wonderful, sweet spoonful of sugar called self-care.

Here are just a few examples of adding that element- just a spoonful at times- of fun!

I enjoy listening to an inspiring, fun podcast. I love to do this while relaxing in the sunshine or resting in bed (others of my self care past times) Still, on a busy day when I just don't have a lot of give despite all my intentions and planning, I am able to listen to it instead while I am driving in the car to one of my other commitments. Listening to my podcast while driving keeps me in a good mood while on the road and inspires and delights me on my way to "taking my medicine."

Something else that really fills my cup is to visit with a friend. While there are plenty of days when I schedule a lunch out or a game night with friends, and enjoy listening intently, making eye contact while we sit in our comfy clothes, there are days when I invite a friend on a walk instead, managing to enjoy the sweetness of visiting while taking my medicine (getting some exercise).

I find it fun to dance and move my body to a favorite song or two. I am intentional about doing this all on its own- just for a few minutes- but there are just days when that's not going to happen and I feel overwhelmed with everything I have going on. On such days, it is a real energy and mood-booster to put on that music while I'm putting away the clean dishes or dusting, and dance my way through the kitchen.

One last example. Sometimes I take two spoonsful of sugar even if I'm not taking any medicine- just for fun! I love to attend a good worship service. I often do this on my own and enjoy the still, quiet time to reflect and ponder. But there are times when I also want to visit with a friend and so I invite her to join me. We visit on our way, while there, and after- and enjoy the shared experience together.

Self care is both integral and intentional, and is meant to be enjoyed during a few moments you've planned just for yourself. But when you have those days when you have to be a little more flexible and there is just more medicine to take, add that spoonful of sugar- that element of fun- and snap! You'll find that self care takes on many shapes, colors and designs.

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