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Top Five Television Shows For Kids

Thanks to technology, our world has opened up in many wonderful ways… and many not-so-wonderful ways. An unsupervised tot could come across all manner of disgusting content on the T.V., internet, and social media. Not to mention that it is now incredibly hard to determine whether a show is safe to watch or not (or even good), since writing standards have changed greatly. Some of the content I’ve heard tiny, tiny kids watching is horrifying to me. And some of it was nothing at all — nothing more than empty colorful characters doing nothing at all. Both aren’t good. One is damaging, and the other is mind-rotting. So I decided to compile a list of shows from the modern era I have watched and deemed wholesome, uplifting, and/or kid-safe. But one thing all of them have in common is that they all have something to teach… while still being entertaining, of course.

As a quick note. None of these are sponsored, these are my honest opinions. We also do not have rights to photos for all of these, so I will try to link the titles to their respective websites if you want to know more. 

This is one of the best kids shows ever made. The  only reason this one is at number five is because it is more frightening than the average children’s cartoon. This one you might want to save for your older kiddos, depending on how sensitive they are to all things scary. But boy, is it worth the wait. Gravity Falls is the story of twins Dipper and Mabel Pines as they spend the summer with their strange, grumpy Grunkle Stan (that’s “great uncle” mashed into one word, which is adorable). The show combines mystery, humor, and genuinely heartwarming character development into a true triumph of kids’ animation, teaching its audience about life, people, and most of all, family. Be warned — its humor is a little more chaotic than most, but there is nothing lewd and no swears. The story is well written and compelling, all the way to the nail-biting climax. I recommend this show for kids who love mysteries and are scared of growing up. It can be found on Disney+, Sling TV, and Hulu. 

This one, too, would be higher on the list, except for the tension and danger in the show. As the title might suggest, things get pretty crazy for the three main characters — Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire. But they are the exact reason why I am putting this on my list. The Baudelaire children love each other dearly, and are always lifting each other up rather than just insulting each other all the time. The tragic loss of their parents especially brings them together. Their teamwork while avoiding the machinations of the wicked Count Olaf is one of the most compelling parts of the narrative. It shows the world in some of its darker colors, but it never stops encouraging its young audience to keep on fighting for what is good in the world. On top of all that, the show is absolutely hilarious, with a dry sense of humor that parents can enjoy, too! I recommend it for tweens and teens, at a time when they have begun to notice how scary and unfair the world is — when they need a light in the darkness. It can be found on Netflix

This show probably saved my life during the pandemic. I am dead serious. Yes, it is a silly cartoon about young Milo Murphy, descendant of Edward A. Murphy junior, creator of Murphy’s Law. That “Murphy’s Law “affects his life so that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. And yes, Milo’s shenanigans are mixed in with two bumbling pistachio salesmen —yep, you read that right, pistachio salesmen. But boy, does this show have heart. Seeing Milo stay positive and stick to his goals even as everything literally crashes and burns around him is super motivational. It inspired me not to give up and to keep trying in one of the worst periods of my life. There is also the added bonus of Dakota and Cavendish (the two pistachio guys). I won’t spoil too much about them, but their friendship and dogged persistence in trying to succeed is a great parallel to Milo’s journey. Plus, they are the funniest characters in the whole show. A lighthearted, uplifting, and laugh-out-loud funny show that I highly recommend to all ages. It can be found on Disney+, Apple TV, Sling TV, and Youtube TV, of all things. 

If you were a kid or had kids in the early 2000s, then you’ve probably heard of Phineas and Ferb. I watched this a LOT growing up and I am very grateful that I did. It follows the story of young brothers Phineas and Ferb, trying to get the most out of every day of summer vacation with their crazy inventions. Their older sister Candace’s antics as she tries to get them in trouble are quite funny, and the cherry on top has to be their pet platypus Perry spending his days battling an evil scientist by the name of Dr. Doofenshmirtz. What more could you want out of an absurd comedy show? There is not much more I can say beyond how inspiring it is — made by the same people who made Milo Murphy’s Law, in fact! Ridiculous and yet genius, this show is another good one for any age, one of those rare ones that entertains without completely dulling the brain. 

No contest, this one sweeps the number one spot. I have praised this show before in my previous articles — for many good reasons. This show is pure art. The animation is breathtaking and the story is tightly written. It tells the story of a world where certain people have control over the four elements, and of the Avatar, with the ability to control all of them. The Avatar in this story is a boy named Aang, and he sets off with his friends Sokka and Katara to save the world, pursued at every turn by the disgraced Prince Zuko. The plot is amazing, but what takes first prize for this one is the characters. Every single person in the main cast goes through a visible arc in which they become better, stronger people, ready to face the evil ahead. I cannot gush enough about the lessons learned, tears cried, and smiles worn as I watched this masterpiece of storytelling. I haven’t met a single person — child or adult — who doesn’t have good things to say about it. This show has won no less than three awards and it is fully deserved. A classic good versus evil story, about a boy thrust into a destiny he is highly unprepared for, woven together with a prince in search for a different path to tread instead of the villainous one he has always walked. That is only TWO of the main characters’ stories. Please, please, please have your kids watch this show at least once (maybe starting when they’re 10 or so so they can really understand the story). I know that I am a better person after watching it, which to me is the best kind of story that can be told. 

I hope you find this list useful when looking for good media for the littles! Keep in mind that I have chosen shows based solely off of how I have seen kids react to them and my own personal experience with them from child-to-teenager. If you end up deciding this list is not for you, that is completely okay. Every family is different, as is every child, which is why it is important to make sure that what they watch is good for the heart and mind — and lets them have a little fun, too! 

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