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Who ya Gonna Call?

When you fall down and scrape your knee.

When you study all night and score a B.

When you cross the finish line at the big race

and win the medal for first place.

When he asks you out on your first date

When he doesn’t call and makes you wait

and you think just maybe he’s running late

But it turns out he’s really not that great.

When you land that job you’ve dreamed about

and take the chance to finally move out

When you realize that you made a mistake

and this big job wasn’t your big break.

When you meet someone and make a date

and he promises for eternity to never make you wait

and you realize happily that you’re running late

and you know your family is going to be great.

The first person you want to call

To share the news good, bad and all

Is the one who has been there from the start

And the one who will love you whether near or far.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jan 18, 2023

I still call my mom

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