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You've Been Booed!

It's Spooky Season!

This is the season for tricks, scares, monsters, and frights! But best of all, its the season for sweets! Save the tricks and share the treats with one of my favorite neighborhood activities, You’ve Been Booed!

A tradition that has been going on for many years, it is a great way to share the ghostly holiday spirit while spreading joy and delicious treats & sweets! It is also a fun activity to involve your children in with your community, in a way that they will love! We’ve included the most adorably spooky FREE printable to get you started! If you have never been Booed, keep reading to learn how it’s done!


To explain, being Booed means that someone wants to share their love and treats with you! Then, you get to Boo someone else! It is like a chain reaction to involve your whole neighborhood. Drop off a treat, add our printable, and don’t get caught! 😉 Then, they will do the same to someone else, spreading spooky sweets to the next person!


To start this activity in your community, print off this FREE 8.5×11 sign to start the fun. Include the whole sign, both the We’ve Been Booed side, as well as the You’ve Been Booed instructions for them to know how to Boo someone else!

Add the printable and a treat of any kind together and sneakily drop it off to someone’s door. Get creative with your treats! Bring them a homemade fall treat, their favorite candies, or fun little toys for their kids. It is totally up to you! But, be sure to ring their bell and skidaddle.

If someone Boos you, add the We’ve Been Booed sign to your front door so your neighbors know to Boo someone else.


Here, you can find our You’ve Been Booed sign to start this neighborhood activity. Easily print as an 8.5×11.


Learn more about our partner, Persnickety Box


Have you ever participated in this family friendly Halloween tradition?

What other spooky activities do you and your family enjoy doing each year?

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