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Rock the World.

Work as one. Win as one.



How do you ROCK the world?  

Check out all of our MomGroups and join all that apply to you.


We are gathering moms geographically as well as in commonalities.

Welcome to MomSquad!


ROCK the world with MomEds


MomEds are monthly mom gatherings where we learn from a keynote speaker. Here, we come to hear an inspiring story and learn from a real-life experience. All events are available virtually and are recorded to view later. This allows all moms from other geographical locations to benefit as we grow.


MomEds will cover a variety of member-driven topics to inspire you as you help & serve and make a difference in the world around you.  In-person MomEds include snacks & beverages as well as a chance to mix and mingle in a relaxed environment.




ROCK the world with MomPower

MomPower are opportunities to mobilize to attend local, state, government, school and community meetings to make our voices heard- together- about important topics and issues affecting our families and communities.

MomPower opportunities will be posted along with all MomSquad events, relative groups & forums, and sent in our communications.




ROCK the world with MomsRock Podcast

MomsRock podcast is a weekly broadcast hosted by MomSquad president Ellen Wheeler and Vice President Shelley Colton. Engaging member-driven topics and special guests will inspire you with different ways you can ROCK your life, ROCK your kids and ROCK the world!






ROCK the world with MomGives

MomGives are opportunities to join together and give back to our community. These opportunities will vary and will be posted along with all other MomSquad events, relative groups & forums and in our communications.

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