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Rock your kids.

What I value. How I teach.



How do you ROCK your kids?  

Get started with Rock Your Kids Journey part 1












ROCK your kids with MomMeets & MomEds


MomMeets are monthly gatherings where we connect and learn about topics affecting us as moms.


MomEds are monthly mom gatherings where we learn from a keynote speaker. Here, we come to hear an inspiring story and learn from a real-life experience. 


Both events will cover a variety of member-driven topics to help you learn how to grow and succeed in your role in your children's lives.  In-person events include snacks & beverages as well as a chance to mix and mingle in a relaxed environment.





ROCK your Kids with MomsRock Podcast

MomsRock podcast will be a weekly broadcast hosted by MomSquad president Ellen Wheeler and Vice President Shelley Colton. Engaging member-driven topics and special guests will teach you mothering skills and support you in your mission of strengthening yourself, your family and your community.





ROCK your Kids with MomGroups & MomTalk

MomTalk and MomGroups are member-driven; a place where you can ask questions, voice concerns, and provide experience, answers and valuable feedback to other MomSquad members.

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