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Mom Power


Before they bring it home and cook it - Moms buy the bacon.


Women direct more than 80% of all buying power and influence in the United States. This is a purchasing power of 10 trillion annually. A recent A&E/Lifetime study found that of all groups tested, “traditional” moms are the most likely to say they don’t see themselves represented in the women featured in TV, movies and advertising. MomSquad will mobilize this untouched niche of concerned moms and propel their collective and individual influence.


Empower Moms


Unstoppable moms want unbeatable products.


Moms are looking for the top goods and services in order to raise their families in today’s social, political and economic climate. Do you have a solution that will serve them as they teach and nurture the next generation? Join the MomSquad revolution as we advocate for ourselves, our families and our world. We want you to grow with us!

There are four (4) standard annual Partner Packages: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Influencer

with the choice to pay annually or monthly for each.