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Calling On My Squad

In her children's book, Packs, Hannah Salyer explains how animals work together in herds, flocks, schools and hives. They form bonds that help them protect, feed, house and expand the pack. The animas have learned that there is strength in numbers. Moms can find strength in numbers as well. When moms work together there is no limit to they can accomplish.

Together we stand.

Together we harvest.

Together we nurture, sew, harvest, work, hunt, sing, dance, rejoice, rise.

Together we are better.

There is strength in number. You can find help to some of life challenges and problems by turning to your squad. Life-coach, Barbara Sher explains it like this:

Isolation is the dream killer, not your rotten attitude. So here’s what you do: You get a team. You figure out what you want, and then you say, “Here is my wish, and here is my obstacle. Here’s what I want, and here is why I cannot have it.” If you don’t say both those things, nothing happens. We are problem-solving animals. If you say, “I’d love to be a ballerina.” Everybody goes, “Mmm.” If you say I’d love to be a ballerina, but I’m 44 years old. Every mind starts working. Even if people don’t like you, they’ll solve your problem: “I heard about, 44-year-olds, there’s one in Boston. There’s a new ballet troupe, I read about in a magazine, I’ll find it.” People want to help. Amazing things will happen to you.

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