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Mom Friends Can Be Fun

We laugh with our kids. We find happiness as they explore and grow. We enjoy watching them create and play. We are glad when they run and have fun. But the responsibility of motherhood can leave little time, energy or capacity for our own carefree and fun spirit.

Developing a squad of mom-friends can give us a safe space to re-establish connection and explore our fun and fancy-free self. Tik Toc creator Libby Ward, from, “Diary of an Honest Mom,” shared a video that many moms can relate to.

Mother.lhy/news reported:

The video features Ward performing a robotic chicken dance. She sings, “One thing about me is that when I was growing up, I was a really fun person to be around. And so I got married to my husband young, and we did so many fun things and it was so great, but then we decided to have some children.” “And I love them very much but I was really overwhelmed because no one told me that you have to keep thinking literally all day and all night, and anticipating everybody’s every single need, and deciding when to feed everyone and what to feed them and where they go, and…paying bills and doing all the things in my brain that you can’t see,” she continues.

Moms can figuratively and literally let their hair down with their squad of moms. Find a mom or group of moms that you enjoy or that share your interests and laugh and get your groove on.

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