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Creatures Great and Small

Earth Day is a marvelous opportunity to reflect on the wonder of our planet; a day to celebrate our responsibility to care for this world and all the things in it. God created the earth for families. The bible opens with the meticulous creation of the heavens and earth, the light and dark, the oceans and land, the sun, moon and stars, the birds, fishes and animals. God carefully inspected each and declared it good. Before He rested, our Father fashioned His crowning achievement - mankind. God blessed us above all by making us in His image and entrusting us to be stewards of His creation. Our loving interactions with all of His creations is an expression of our righteous dominion. We must care for each other, the heavens, the land and sea, and all the creatures that dwell on earth.

One way we can take care of the earth is to care for all the creatures in it. We reflect God when we tend His creatures and gratefully utilize them in the way he designed for us. Each creature on this earth is vitally important to God and has its own purpose and spirit. God had Adam named each animal. That kind of individual attention is an example of the humane treatment we must give to animals.

What is it to be humane to the beasts of the fields and birds of the air? It is more than to be considerate of the animal life entrusted to our care. It is a grateful appreciation of God's creations. It is the lesson of divine love. To Him all life is a sacred creation for the use of His children. Do we stand beside Him in our tender regard for life? Our sense of appreciation should be quickened by a desire to understand divine purposes, and to keep the balance of animal life adjusted to the needs of creation.

We are a part of all life and should study carefully our relationship to it. \\'e should be in sympathy with it, and not allow our prejudices to create a desire for its destruction… Love begets love in all creation, and nature responds bounteously to the tender treatment of man. Men learn more easily in sympathetic relationships of all life than they do in the seclusion of human interest. Their minds are more open to the manifestations of that inspiration which all nature gives to those who lovingly enjoy her. Wisdom and virtue come from the animal and vegetable world which carries with it a spiritual as well as a material blessing. Nature helps us to see and understand God. To all His creations we owe an allegiance of service and a profound admiration. Man should be kind to the animals which serve him both directly and indirectly. Love of nature is akin to the love of God ; the two are inseparable. The Juvenile Instructor

We should all remember that God cares about even the slightest of creatures, “Are not five sparrows sold for two farthings? And not one of them is forgotten before God.” Luke 12:6. Animal Reiki Source provides some ways we can remember the animals of the world this Earth Day. So volunteer at a shelter, donate to an endangered species, learn about animals in other parts of the world or simply pet a dog. We express our gratitude for the earth and all God’s creations as we treat animals well, take care of the planet and love and serve each other.

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