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It Takes a Mom-Village

By Ellen Wheeler

I want to do it by myself.

That is how I have attacked most new experiences in my life. I tend to be a Type A personality and expect a lot of myself. As a matter of fact, if I fear that I can't do something or feel out of my element, I often opt not to try rather than ask someone for help.

That expectation of doing things on my own was challenged when I realized I was pregnant with my first child. I was terrified of becoming a mother. There were so many things I didn’t know, but this was one event I knew I could not back down from. Somehow I had the impression that I needed to be a good mother all on my own. I expected that the mastery of motherhood would come to me naturally. That the essence of being a mother would somehow grow in me the way a baby had grown in my womb. I quickly learned that being a mother requires all kinds of help and that the best place to get that help was from other mothers.

Macaroni Kid shares a list of 5 Reasons Moms Needs Other Mom Friends

1. Motherhood can feel brutally lonely

2. You need other moms to commiserate with

3. You need moms to grow with

4. Motherhood offers amazing common ground for friendship

5. Motherhood gives you the chance to be a support to other moms

Mom-ship is a sisterhood - only completely understood by others who have experienced it. In this time of divisiveness, finding a group of women who can support each other and lift each other up is more important than ever. This is not a time for mom shaming or pointing out how someone could have done it better. This is a time to recognize the sacred journey that is motherhood. To take each other's hands and push and pull each other along as we move forward on the sometimes difficult and sometimes joyous path of raising children.

We have created MomSquad because we are moms and we are in this together. No matter how good or bad our day may have been, no matter what has gone right and what has gone wrong, we can be there for each other. That's sisterhood and I think that's how it's supposed to work.

Jessica Johnston from Motherly put it this way: "Who cares about parenting ‘methods’ and bedtimes and screen times? Who cares if you let your kid use a pacifier until they're four? Who cares if you do private school, public school or homeschool? Who cares that we are all different? We are moms and we're in this together. If I could see you I would applaud for you and say, 'Good job, mama, you're doing amazing!' "

We hope you'll join us at MomSquad live and virtual events as we applaud each other and connect to the power of motherhood.


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