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“There is no strong America without strong families, and there are no strong families without a strong America. They are intrinsically tied.” -Terry Schilling

Recently, I was listening to a podcast by Vivek Ramaswamy in which his guest, Terry Schilling, President of the American Principles Project, discussed the importance of families for healthy and strong societies. Mr. Schilling pointed out historical instances where revolutionaries pushed to diminish traditional families in order to weaken institutions. It is frightening and fascinating to look back at countries which have allowed this to happen, (examples include the French Revolution, Communist China, Russia during the 1920s), and to take note of the devastating consequences for their governments and people. As Schilling pointed out the stabilizing power behind our own country's families.

As a homeschooling mom, I continue to be inspired by this statement on education from the Mississippi Center for Public Policy:

"Parents, not government are responsible for the education and upbringing of their children. . . "

There is currently a push in some quarters of the United States to come between parents and children. It might be prudent to ask ourselves from time to time:

Who has influence over me? Who has influence over my kids? No one can love and nurture our own children like we can.

In a year 2000 speech entitled Ripples, Virginia Jensen spoke of the importance of women and their motherly influence reaching far beyond their own little spheres:

“Our family loved the trips we took to the mountains when our children were young. Standing on the edge of beautiful Jackson Lake, with the majestic mountain peaks reflected in its glassy surface, we would have contests skipping rocks across the smooth water. As the rocks sank, we watched while ripples moved out across the water as far as we could see . . .

Virtue and power are found in everyday, ordinary work, in all the daily tasks of caring for our families, and in our regular service to others. Prominence does not equal priority, nor can the world’s paycheck equal that of our Heavenly Father’s, who knows the importance of a woman’s devotion to the salvation of souls.

We must speak up for righteousness without apology. . . .We have ripples to make and water to share. . . “

Rock Your Kids.

Society is weakened when mothers are weak, or their role diminished.

Society is strengthened when mothers are strong.

Rock The World.

In an article from 2022, MomSquad Vice President, Shelley Colton shared:

“The nuclear family is said to be the basic unit of society but is itself under extreme pressure,” say authors Gordan Nuefeld and Gabor Maté.

Many individuals and institutions agree that the family is indeed under attack.

The habits and values we instill in our children by intentionally using our time with them and for them . . . will ultimately improve and preserve our families and society.

Mothers are one of the most powerful forces in the world. The work we do for our families in our own homes is as imperative as is working together in this vital role. . . .

Why is the family under attack? There are those who say the family is oppressive to women, traditional roles are sexist, or that engaged and loving parents are holding their children back from becoming their "true selves."

Some may sincerely believe these things, while others are purposefully diminishing families to increase their own influence over this growing generation.

Our children need us to hold them when they cry and show them the wonders of the world. They need us to nurse them and nourish them, clean up scrapes when they fall; to teach them to be brave and explore, but that boundaries and discipline can keep them from harm. They need us to teach them to be kind and how to understand and protect individual freedoms. In this work is very real power, for we are sharpening little minds and shaping young souls. The work is relentless, sometimes exhausting, but we have a power that is uniquely ours as women, if we will just claim it. We must rule the cradle. That's why God made mamas. For the lives of our own babies, and the ripples that will continue to flow outward from them:

Keep going, keep walking, keep working, keep ROCKING.

I love the MomSquad mantra:

The hand that RULES the cradle ROCKS the world!

Hands that will be forever busy, arms that will be weary at times, but always open. Each act of service, each moment to instill gratitude and strength, each rock of the cradle rippling outward into our neighborhoods and into others' lives. Our sphere of influence is continually expanding; In partnership with God - Love without end.

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