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Roots For Strength - Roots For Life

What defines us as a person? What are the personality traits that set us apart from others? What characteristics and actions do we identify with? Some people define themselves by their profession. Others define themselves by their physical appearance, the city they live in, their social position, their position in their family. But we are more than just our external, temporal self. Under our external layer is a bulwark of roots anchoring us, nurturing us.

Your roots are all encompassing. They bring together all of the aspects of you, and they represent a beautiful dichotomy combining your past and future. What do we mean? Your roots are both your lineage, your ancestry, and your values, your beliefs. Your roots can inform how you show up and move through the world, the type of person you are and the one you are becoming. When you’re rooted, you stick true to your character, and at the same time honor where you’ve come from.

Exploring your roots gives you a chance to uncover what you truly care about in this world and the values that guide how you interact. At the same time, your roots hold the stories of the past, which can influence where you are going in the future. Your physical body and your memories hold onto these precious stories. Crown Affair

Our values and principles give us deep roots. Values anchor us as we move through life. Like roots in the soil values keep us growing straight and stable. What we regard and give importance to is different for each person. If you value animals, you might feel fulfilled when you are serving in an animal shelter. If you find your greatest fulfillment taking care of your kids then you value family. Our values are what we find most important in life, and they bring you the most satisfaction.

Like deep roots our values and principles also nurture and sustain us. Tree roots absorb water for the soil. They take nutrients and chemicals and use them to produce what they need for the tree's growth, development, and repair. As we grow and progress through the trials and joys of life we will need to be fed emotionally, spiritually and mentally. The fulfillment we get from the things we value will feed our souls. Finding happiness and well-being from in our valued activities can even replenish empty hearts and repair damaged spirits. Our principles and values generate the roots that nourish us.

The fascinating thing about roots is that even though the roots are beneath the ground, the roots are also the reason that the tree grows. Majestic trees grow outward with free abandon, but they always know that they have deep roots, that they are grounded. They say that the only thing that grows in two directions at once is a tree: The roots grow downward as the tree grows upward. Even though the roots are not visible to the naked eye and don’t seem so obvious, they are like the foundation of a building. Its solid foundation allows it

to grow. Meaninfullife

If we want to be a mighty oak mama we have to make sure our roots are strong. Here are some quizzes and worksheets to help you identify your core values:

As we identify and live our values we set an example for children to follow. You can rock your life and the life of your kids by developing deep roots.

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