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Self R-E-S-P-E-C-T

R-E-S-P-E-C-T is more than a tune by Aretha. Although like the song says it is something we are all asking for. Respect can be as simple as thinking and feeling good things about a person. When you treat someone in a way that shows you consider them as a person of worth, that you care about their well-being, you are expressing respect.

When you respect someone, you show them kindness, empathy, and compassion even when they make mistakes. Happier Human website tells us:

Kindness means being generous and considerate. This allows you

to look past a person's faults. Likewise, empathy allows you to put

yourself in another person's shoes. Then, you can see things from

their perspective. Finally, compassion literally means “suffering


Respect is a noun, a feeling of deep admiration for others, but when respect becomes a verb it is put into action by:


Asking questions

Giving honest feedback


Showing Empathy

Expressing gratitude

Offering service

Receiving Gifts & Compliments



Suspending judgement

Celebrating achievements

Keeping Confidences and Promises

When you want to let someone know that they matter to you, you pay attention to what they say and do. This kind of respect shows them that you think they are a person of value.

The first place we may practice respect is with ourselves. It is impossible to express respect for others if we are not having respect for ourselves. We must cast ourselves in the same positive light that we use to look at other people. If we want others to treat us with dignity and love we have to show them that we believe we are worthy by treating ourselves that way.

It is especially important for our children to see us set an example of self respect. As we offer ourselves the understanding, empathy, service and support that we give to others, they will learn from our powerful example. You may carve out time to sit with yourself and listen to your needs, complaints and dreams, then ask yourself questions and give honest feedback. You may suspend judgement, express gratitude, offer service, receive gifts & compliments and keep confidences and promises to ourselves the same way we would for a trusted friend.

Look for opportunities to show yourself appreciation, then graciously except that appreciation. When you do you will create positive feelings inside yourself and produce a positive environment that benefits everyone around you. As a woman, this genuine happiness is the greatest service and gift we have to offer our families.

We want our kids to grow up honoring and respecting the person they are, so we must model that behavior for them. When you show yourself respect , you're communicating that you- and they- matter. Take Aretha’s advice to heart and “Sock it to yourself!”

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