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Self Worth? Confidence? Approval? Respect? Esteem? What Ever You Call It We All Need It.

Self esteem. We all know what it is and yet it can be hard to define. Ask ten of your friends and you will get ten slightly different answers. Even physiologists have difficulty agreeing on what self esteem is, let alone how to attain it. And when we do achieve it it can be hard to hold onto. One thing most mothers agree on is that we want our children to have healthy self esteems.

Self esteem is illusive and abiding. We are all born with a sense of “self.” We cannot escape our id, ego and super ego; the union of material and spiritual elements that constitute our individuality. We each have our own body, emotions, thoughts, and sensations that distinguishes us from others. And it is precisely because we are so individual that pin-pointing what it means to “esteem” ourselves can be so difficult to define.

One thing we know as moms is that our children are each of great worth. Moms want their kids to understand their own value. If we are going to teach our children the merits of their nature we must first understand our own. Yet, many women struggle with self esteem. But don’t let your own feelings of inadequacy keep you from training you kids to value who they are. Just like you can learn piano along side your kiddos as you help them with the basics, you can develop your own sense of worth as you help your children discover their divine nature.

Self esteem is defined:

How we value and perceive ourselves.

Self esteem has some close relatives.

Self confidence: an attitude about your skills and abilities.

Self respect: pride and confidence in oneself; a feeling that one is behaving with honor and dignity.

Self approval: an individual's acceptance of all of their attributes, positive or negative.

Explore some aspects of self esteem.

Recognize - Identify from having known

Approve - Value, importance, worth: believe that something is good

Respect - Admire for abilities

Praise - Express approval and gratitude; honor

Awe - Reverent wonder

Developing good self esteem will give us a sense of security, resilience, peacefulness and love.

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